Plan your Event!

Our intention at ART Provides is to welcome community to bring people together in mindful and transformational ways. To connect and create a culture of knowledge and creativity.

We have taken great care to make the space as warm, inviting and inspiring for your group, film or workshop.

Have an event you would like to bring to our space? Please contact us below for space rental information. Deposit may be required. The space can host 28-34 people seated 175 standing. 


  • $300 for the first hour $110 hr additional
  • or 50% ticket sales ($300 minimum)
  • Item(s) of equal value donated for a future fundraiser


  • 2 hour minimum
  • Your reservation time includes set up and clean up time. 
  • A deposit may be required for larger groups or full-day events 
  • The space can host 28-34 seated at tables or 200 standing
  • Only one photoshoot is allowed per reservation.
  • Clean up. Please sweep or vacuum the floor, take the garbage out, and leave space as found 
  • Decorations must be approved and hung for you 
  • NO open fires, candles 
  • NO pets
  • NO nails, pins, or tape on the walls. Freestanding backdrops only
  • NO moving of furniture if you need particular set up of the space, that needs to be planned and set up for you
  • If you caused damage to the space in any way, you are responsible for the cost of repairs
  • Rules and rates are subject to change.

Let's create something great together!